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About Gabriel

Gabriel I. Noda

His artistic career began in 1971, where after graduating from Glenn Jones School of Fashion Art in Miami as a Fashion Designer returned to his native country to study Commercial Modeling; there he became interested in theatrical makeup techniques and learned the skills to use contour and highlighting techniques used for TV commercials and runway shows; there he was able to create and accomplish this unique optical illusion.

Gabriel had the opportunity to travel and live in different countries in South America (Bolivia and Paraguay), where he pioneered the modeling industry by establishing the firsts modeling institutes in those countries, inspired by the same desire: “to inspire and empower women” by teaching them about enhancing their physical as well as intellectual attributes.

Gabriel relocated to the United States in 1980, where he continued to pursue his interest in makeup and modeling. He worked as a sales consultant for a cosmetic company, where even though he could not speak English fluently; his own techniques of minimizing imperfections and enhancing the best features made him one of the best employees. His experience in working with different cosmetic companies has led him to become a revolutionary in the industry and create his own Professional Corrective Makeup and skin care line.

Gabriel understands the importance of a healthy skin, having himself been the victim of severe acne in his adolescent years. He experimented with different medications, one stunt that lead him to suffer second degree burns in his face.

Gabriel believes in designing a line that works hand in hand between nature and science, bringing the best substances, extracts that have healing, purifying and rejuvenating powers as well as hypoallergenic cosmetics that help support natural skin functions, revitalizing and normalizing this important organ.

Gabriel’s cosmetic line supports his knowledge and expertise of more than 30 years of knowledge and has always emphasizing on the “educational aspects” as a tool for women to use products correctly for an optimal effect. His corrective makeup program has been offered to students, makeup artists, estheticians, and professionals in the field.

His seminars have generated a wealth of successful make-up artists and his techniques in corrective makeup are unique and highly effective (a valuable tool to any professional). His efforts had awarded him “The Best Makeup Artist of South Florida” in 2000 by Miami Metro Magazine and Educator.

He has been recognized by the media and has been invited to participate in different TV shows. Gabriel plays an important role in choreographing, producing and taking charge of all aspects of Fashion Shows. There are many rules when it comes to beauty, only one is timeless: “The Corrective Technique”. It is a technique available not merely for a selective group of makeup artist and celebrities, but really today’s women needs of looking and feeling their best.

Gabriel Productions Inc., offers women a collection of products containing high rich pigmented line of colors, shadows, and textures for the versatility of becoming a “NEW YOU”.

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